Thousands of people laced up for the 33rd annual Great Aloha Run

PEARL CITY, Hawaii –

A “Sea of Sneakers” flooded Aloha Tower early this morning, for the 33rd annual Great Aloha Run.
An estimated 18,000 participants raced down Nimitz toward Aloha Stadium. Over 1600 “Great Aloha Run” entries were military.

Some, were elite runners of course, some military, others in wheel chairs, a family affair for many, pushing their kids along the 8.1 mile course.

For a lot of entries there’s tradition, for others, this was their first time.

“This is my sixth one, a personal best, one hour, one minute,” Ryosake Ksai of Honolulu said.

“I feel great. I think i beat my time. I thought of my daughter a lot to strengthen me,” Chad Decosta of Kailua said.

“I just recently got into running with some coworkers and it’s just a great feeling. The adrenaline you feel when you cross the finish line is amazing,” Derek Franklin of Honolulu said.

Like the chanting “Sounds of Freedom Division” carrying flags and crossing the finish line in formation.

All of the proceeds benefit Carole Kai Charities, which donates to local non-profits.


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